Mary Salazar Treasure Bracelet
Mary Salazar Treasure Bracelet
Mary Salazar Treasure Bracelet
Mary Salazar Treasure Bracelet

Mary Salazar Treasure Bracelet

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You will love this decorative treasure bracelet by Native American jeweller, Mary Salazar. It contains a whole host of semi precious stones including; turquoise, lapis lazuli, spiny oyster, bamboo coral, amethyst and onyx. No two bracelets are ever the same, meaning that each one is a truly unique piece of Navajo jewellery.

Sterling Expertise

The Essential Take on Sterling Silver

We love silver not just for it's beautiful shine but also it's amazing work-ability. The malleable nature of silver allows it to be shaped into an infinite range of styles from beautiful basics to unique works of art. Adding the 7.5% alloy metal to create sterling silver means it is durable enough for everyday wear, and with the right care can last a lifetime.

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Tatty, childhood friendship bracelets, a keepsake bangle and many holiday gift shop bracelets are what make up my personal jewellery box. The rest of my wristwear collection is worn proudly stacked on my wrist, taken off only to shower or swim. Wristwear is something that is held on to by many for years or lifetimes, which is why it makes the perfect gift. Whether it’s joining together to get that loved colleague a keepsake bangle leaving gift, or buying a delicate little bracelet that reminded you of your best friend as a surprise ‘just because’ gift, a bracelet purchase always has a story behind it.

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