Sterling Silver Stylised Dream Catcher Earrings

Sterling Silver Stylised Dream Catcher Earrings

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Please note: Earrings are non returnable for hygiene reasons.

The legend of the dream catcher comes from the native american culture. It is said that the dream catcher allows good dreams to flow through the spirit hole in the centre of its web. Bad dreams are trapped in the web and then disappear in the morning sun. These handmade sterling silver earrings feature two substantial dream catchers, decorated with turquoise and a silver feather. This type of jewellery is bang on trend at the moment, but these earrings would be a thoughtful gift for the dreamer in your life to keep forever.

Earrings are non returnable for hygiene reasons.

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We love silver not just for it's beautiful shine but also it's amazing work-ability. The malleable nature of silver allows it to be shaped into an infinite range of styles from beautiful basics to unique works of art. Adding the 7.5% alloy metal to create sterling silver means it is durable enough for everyday wear, and with the right care can last a lifetime.


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Earrings are a wardrobe staple because there's no limit to how much you can use them to play around with your style. Whether you're wearing them for a special occasion or you need something you can wear every day, a good pair of sterling silver earrings can become a reliable accessory to dress up or dress down any outfit.

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